We get what your business needs…from aggregation to compliance…from agility to analytics…from ease of use to customer satisfaction…. We get that evolution is critical to survival. We get that your company needs a customizable tailored approach not a pre-packaged concept of products and services. We get your questions. We get you answers. We succeed together. As challenges of the IT continue to expand we will be there to help your company navigate a path to stability, growth and success.


We strive to openly explore and expand all IT products, services, pricing, and performance as it pertains to each individual customer's networking needs.


Comtekh provides a wide array of network and software development consulting services. Whether you are interested in network design, network implementation, troubleshooting, or custom software development, Comtekh has the industry know-how to serve your needs.


In an industry that depends on device management and security to maintain efficient workflows and business practices, we partnered with Mosyle to provide our clients with the best possible device management support we can offer.

Our Strategy

Working with customer's unique problems requires leverage of unique solutions. Our goal is to solve these problems with a combination of our core tenets



Empowering the Business to change or adapt their processes through Augmentation of Rescources.



Aggregate all relevant data points to provide insightful summarization.



Create and collect from intelligent audit systems to track a process through its lifecycle.



Provide visual representations of collected data sets though metrics and reporting tools.



Assimilate People and Processes, allowing all of a Business's components to be on the same page.



Agility in Development, Design, and Practices


Comtekh offers a wide variety of services, from custom built web applications, to experienced professional services support, we have you covered.


Site level spend tracking tool

NoMatch Manager

Fallout and reconciliation spend management tool

Conference Manager

Virtual meeting and conferencing tool

Bill Presentation

A Billing Vizualization tool


Comtekh provides a wide array of network and software development consulting services. Whether you are interested in network design, network implementation, troubleshooting, or custom software development, Comtekh has the industry know-how to serve your needs.

Network Implementation

Comtekh, Inc.'s approach to network implementation was designed to build a bridge between the client and the vendor, a gap typically laden with delay and a waste of resources.

Over the years, Comtekh, Inc. has not only established a positive and professional relationship with most major vendors, we have accrued a wealth of understanding in the balance between the needs of the client and the internal processes for the service provider. Comtekh, Inc. provides a staff trained to take your company through the implementation process step-by-step to the verification of service. Comtekh's Network Implementation Team will track your order, working with all of your service providers to achieve and maintain all service level agreements, while checking for accuracy and consistency, to ensure timely execution of service. All vendor correspondence will be conducted by our staff, which has the technical resources to resolve any performance issues which may arise during the provisioning process.

Application Development

As opposed to a "out of box" solution, our development team leverages a rapid prototype development methodology in an effort to provide a custom software solution that is tailored to your company's needs.

The method utilized within Comtekh's Development Division has proven successful in exceeding customer expectations and timelines due to the flexibility, efficiency and maintainability throughout the entire application development lifecycles including design, stage and production integration. Through a partnership between Comtekh's Project Management Team and Development Team, a client's product evolution via proper goals and objectives can be seamlessly ascertained and transformed into reality. As technology continues to advance and your ultimate needs change, our goal is to create a solution that will be able to grow with your company.

Process Development

Process development and enhancement are keys to getting your company more lean in an effort to increase productivity gains while reducing manual work cycles.

Through years of experience with client and vendor processes, maximizing productivity has become a priority. The methods used to achieve such a goal range from the simplification of current processes to the consolidation of steps to the elimination of human error through scripting and/or automation. The development or enhancement of a current process is a priority in all other avenues of service and is taken into consideration on every level. There is always a higher potential for efficiency and effectiveness. There is always room for improvement. There is always a quicker, easier route to get the same, if not better result. It is one of our goals to help you find the way.

Project Management

Project Management is the experienced guidance through critical project decisions which will either cost or save your company time, revenue and resources.

Comtekh, Inc.'s Project Management Teams have oversaw both compartmentalized or wing to wing solutions across a variety of facets within the telecom market space including but not limited to custom software creation and implementation, large scale service migrations (i.e. Sonet and/or site hardware regrooming, wiring refurbishment, hardware/circuit consolidation (bandwidth utilization, rack space utilization, etc.), as well as telecom expense management reconciliation. With over 25 years of experience and best practices, Comtekh's Project Management Teams thoroughly analyze all aspects of project scope in an effort to maximize your company's potential and cost effectiveness.

Asset Inventory

Integration of a comprehensive audit trail assures your asset records are validated and securely maintained. Extensive relational database development is the key to precision in asset integrity.

CIBOR (Centralized Inventory Billing Order Repository) is a system which can be rendered entirely custom for your company to incorporate financials, personnel records, hardware inventory, circuit information including site specific and vendor specific information; all of which will facilitate a more efficient billing reconciliation process. CIBOR has the ability to allow users to emulate, detail, investigate, validate and cross-reference available resources while giving users the ability to maintain additional relevant resource information including but not limited to associated circuit topologies and offline hardware configurations. CIBOR has universal search functionalities with multiple system tools, ad hoc reporting, external links, email notifications and a scalable user account roles and related permissions ranging from novice to expert.

Billing Management

"Slipped through the cracks" is not an acceptable phrase in the Comtekh, Inc. vocabulary. The amount of revenue typically lost in unaccounted vendor billing for most major corporations could sustain a smaller company entirely.

Most often, errors occur through manual data manipulation and/or transposition and/or via conflicts between different company systems. Billing reconciliation closes that gap. Our staff works closely with your vendors and third party companies, if applicable, to verify the actual services for which your company is responsible for paying and matching those figures with the physical bill your company receives from your service providers.



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